Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lazy Sunday

Well today is one of those lazy days. I'm currently watching my parents house while they are gone for the weekend. I brought all my stitching stuff with me, but haven't had the energy to actually dig it out yet! I worked yesterday morning and this morning at my old traveling job. Getting up before the sun makes me sleepy about now. It's a beautiful day here in Illinois! I'm tempted to take my stitching out to the backyard, get some sun while the dogs snooze on the bricks. My boyfriend and I made our first big purchase as a couple. We bought a new digital camera! Not a point and click up a professional style. Thank goodness it has auto focus on it for me, I'm not as proficient in photo taking as the BF. He left for work earlier today and poor Rylee keeps looking for him to come back!

Rion (Orion) was trying to figure out what she was looking for!

I found another great pattern on Ebay for cheap! The cut-thru Lighthouse!

I just absolutely love these designs. It's going to take me years to get all this stitching done! I couldn't pass this one up though. The theme of my Mom's house is nautical, which is fitting seeing as how they live on the river.  Maybe I'll finish it before they retire and move somewhere else and get a new theme lol!

Well I guess I'll wrap up this wordy post now. I need to go out and water all the flowers (FYI there are a lot of flowers in the yard!) I'll leave you with this information sheet from my Stepmom. She leaves one for me every time I watch the house. They always look a bit different but I love the effort and love she puts into each one.

Have a good Memorial day everyone! I promise to stitch tonight and posts some pics.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Deals Galore...and some stitching!

After my great deal on two Bothy Threads patterns I figured that was it for me for awhile. Nope! My local Joann Fabrics is moving. They have some great deals. I picked up an Ottlite caddy for 20 bucks. They normally sell for 80!

 It's so pretty! Well at least mine will be when it's out of the box.

I made some good progress on my Bothy Threads. We had some strong storms come through last night. My dog is terrified of storms. She has a thunder jacket and gets a dose of benadryl to calm her down. So I was up late stitching while she panicked.

Finished more cream and gold background. Think I'll work on the cat next to add more color!

I took a break from the shed to work on a newer start. I realized I have never worked on anything Halloween themed! I picked up this kit awhile ago and thought why not. The bright colors will be nice after all the cream!

 I am loving my chart clip I found at Hobby Lobby. Makes it easier for charts I haven't been able to copy or color the areas differently.

Here are some updated pics of my furbabies.

 Bella pretending she isn't waiting for Bear to look away so she can steal his food.

 My parents dog Rion cooling off in my step mom's project outside.
 Bear was mad at me and pouting!
 Poor  Rylee baby. So worn out by all the storms.

 My silent watcher Pippin. Okay, not so silent. He has asthma and wheezes and snores!

That's all for this time. I'll end with a question. Those of you with furbabies...How do you keep the hair off your projects?! Or remove it from them? I swear no matter how careful I am all I see is cat hair!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Bothy Threads!

A friend knows that I like stitching on my Bothy Threads cut thru. She pointed out two patterns on Etsy. I picked up the cut thru Windmill and cut thru North Pole House for about 35 total, including shipping! I'll post more pics of my stitching tonight. Grocery shopping and laundry come first. Oh the joy! I'll also post some updated furbaby pics.

Actual Progress!

Finally got some stitching done this weekend! I didn't make a lot of progress on my cut thru. Mostly because I had to tear out the blue above the umbrella and restitch it. I hate it when you're off by one stitch! I plan on stitching more on this tonight and tomorrow working on my exploding Tardis. When the boyfriend and I find a place we like (and can afford! ) we plan on having a Doctor Who themed bedroom. Maybe I'll get the stitching dine before we move out. HA! By the way, big thank you to my Mom for making me a q-snap cover. She used some leftover scrub fabric. (She makes all my scrubs)

Friday, May 16, 2014

How time flies!

Holy Moley how times flies. Its been almost a year since my last post! I was really busy with my job there for a bit. Working 70 hours a week, sometimes 20 days in a row. I'm so happy that I have a newer job (again). Now I work 8 to 5 with no nights, holidays or weekends! I pulled out all my old sititching and looked over my projects yesterday. I have not touched anything since last August. My boyfriend is out of town for the weekend at a convention (ACEN) so I am planning on stitching and getting caught up on some movies. I'll post update pics soon. Promise!