Thursday, July 31, 2014

Feeling Lazy

Sorry for the recent lack of posts. Life gets so very busy during the summer months (and spring, winter and fall too!) I haven't had too much time to stitch lately. Mostly just on Sundays when I'm at the shop. My Grandma's brother passed away recently after a long bout with Parkinsons. I've spent quite a few hours upstairs with her watching The Carol Burnette Show and I Love Lucy. She is doing better know. Destiny Beta for XBox One was last weekend. My friends and I played a lot, can't wait for the full release in September. And as always, work work work. I've picked up more days at the fire department as on call. Which basically means I do nothing different except commit to being in district from 5pm to 4am most days. Hopefully being home more will mean more stitching!
Went into Chicago last weekend with my Mom for her birthday. She choose Hard Rock Cafe. After eating we left the city and headed for the shop. On the way we stopped in Naperville and showed my boyfriend where we used to live and where I went to school. Boy does it look different now. At the shop mom picked up Quiltopoly. Like Monopoly, but with quilts!

The only picture I took that day. I am so not my mothers daughter. She must have taken thousands!

I have made progress on a few items and started a new project. I know I know another new start you say! Well I was at the shop stitching with my friend and I looked up and saw one of her finished projects and knew right away that I had to stitch it.

Victorian Charm
Picture taken at Lottie's Keep
Stitched by Debra Hartwig
I just love the way the colors work with the dark Aida. This has been a challenge so far! I've never worked with dark background before and its 18ct too. Its coming along and Deb assures me that as soon as I get some reference marks and don't have to count so much that it will go smoother. I don't have any pictures on the Wedding or Victorian house but I have made some advancement on those. I'll have pics next time.
One of my sweetheart patients ended her time at my clinic (which is a very good thing, that means she's healed.) She gave me a wonderful washcloth that she made, herbal tea and lavender soap. Made me tear up a bit when she gave it to me.
I'll leave you as always with pics of the kids. I took the cats outside and brushed them the other day. Got enough hair out of the three of them to stuff a large pillow! My middle child Bear decided that he rather likes the outside and now comes out to roll in the grass when Rylee plays ball.

And so ends another post. I'm off to work and make money to buy bones for the dog. At least thats what I tell her everyday and when I leave the house.

Bonus cat photo. Lazers ready Captain! (scuse the messy house)

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! Your new project is very pretty... As for stitching on darker fabrics, I've found it helps to have something white on (like a white bathrobe, shirt or even a white towel thrown over your lap). It helps the holes to show up a bit easier.

    Darling kitties!! I so miss having a cat in the house...