Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A small finish, some Wip's, a give away and my fur babies. (pic heavy)

Okay I think I have this whole blogger thing figured out and when you click on my name now it is much easier to get in contact with me. Plus I no longer have to look at my full name, which is great. First I finished the Sonic Screwdriver bookmark!

 Sonic Screwdriver
John Shirley
Finished 7/6/2013
I am having a date night tonight and will be able to give it to my boyfriend.

I went through my stitching bag after I finished the bookmark for other smaller projects to work on at work and found some old UFO's which are now WIP's

This is an old pattern my Grandma liked. I started it but quickly got annoyed by how short they cut the threads. It feels like constant changing. 

I got this for my Grandma as well. It is a non counted cross stitch. The pattern was stamped on aida with the background. You just have to fill in the missing parts (Like the leaves) I'm so close to finishing I think I'll work on this one first

I bought this last year to make the cardinal birdhouse for my Grandma for christmas. After I finished that one I started on the cat. The kit came with plastic but I had some green paper so I thought to try it on there.

I bought this pattern for my father. He used to be a dairy farmer before he hurt his back. I plan on getting this finished for christmas.

Marsha over at Everybody Loved Clark is having a giveaway. She is giving away Prairie Schooler charts for the 12 months! You can enter HERE and join her blog to help her get even more followers. 

My Bothy Threads pattern finally came in the mail today! Now I just have to wait for payday to buy the fabric so I can get started. sometimes I hate being broke lol.

I'll end this long post with pics of my fur babies.
This is Gerry the ferret. I had to put him to sleep this past year. He was such a great snuggler and will be greatly missed.

Bear is the orange marmie and Pippin is the orange tuxedo. I love this pic. It looks like Bear farted and is ashamed and Pippin thinks he smells and is trying to push him away!

Little miss Mcgee being cute.

Pippin and his spoon. He has allergies and is always itchy. It grabbed this spoon and spent most of the night rubbing his face on it.

Rylee was very tired after 4th of July. She is very nervous about everything and the fireworks wore her out. That and I have her Benadryl.

Bear, Pippin and Bella (my great marmie/bengal) snuggling. This is a rare photo. Bella is the newest addition (about 4 years now though) and Bear and Pippin tend to ignore her.

Bear playing with my prewrap.

Bella helping me organize my stitching bag. I have never had a cat before who likes to cross her paws while she is sleeping. Maybe its a bengal thing?

Thanks for sticking with me for this long post. I'm off to get ready to go see Man of Steele. Have a good week everyone!


  1. What cute babies - and your stitching is marvelous!

  2. Congratulations on finishing the bookmark! What a great gift for your boyfriend. The Cardinal cross stitch looks so nice! Your Grandma will love it. I like stitching on perforated paper for ornaments, too.

    Thanks for changing your blogger profile! You have 3 cats and 2 dogs just like me. I love the pic of Bella on her back between the other two kitties.