Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another finish and a possible new start!

I finished the cardinal pair! I feel so silly that I set this down, when it only took me about an hour to finish it. Oh well Grandma will get a mid-summer present.
 Cardinal Pair
Started 2010
Finished 7/11/2013

A close up of the work

Now I just have to mount it and find a frame for it.

When I came home the other day I found Bella trapped in the window! She must have crawled in there then stepped on the window and closed it behind her. Needless to say she was not too happy with me that I stopped to take a picture.

No worries though, there is plenty of room in there for her fat butt.

She forgave me though and helped keep my threads safe on the chair as I worked on the Tardis.
"I've got this mom, no worries"

I really enjoy working on the Tardis. If I miss count it doesnt matter. I just move the stitches over a bit and no one will over know!
I added more yellow and some brown

Finally I found a pattern that I bought out in Boston when I visited my brother last October. I'm thinking about stitching this on linen. I've never stitched on anything but Aida and would appreciate any tips you savvy stitchers have for me.
I think the linen would give it more of an "aged" feel, which would fit with Boston.

Well I'll leave it there for now, I have to get ready for work. Although I would much rather stay home and stitch!


  1. The Cardinals look so beautiful! Great job finishing this one so quickly! Tardis is coming along great! I like your idea of stitching on linen. You can get 28 ct and stitch over 2. This is especially helpful if there are quarter-stitches in the design, so you can stitch into a hole instead of poking the fabric like Aida.

  2. Your cardinals are so pretty. It's nice to see the female true to her colors in this pattern. Stitching on linen isn't as hard as you might think so do give it a try. I didn't use it for the longest time because the threads aren't all the same in diameter. This drove me nuts until I got a magnifying lens to help me see the smaller threads and now it's no problem.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I may have to give the salt trick a try for those cursed fleas. Thanks for the suggestion. I've never heard that one before.