Thursday, July 4, 2013

New followers, some stitch and 4th of July

First off hello to all my new followers! It's been great reading all of your lovely comments. I am still new to using blogger and will figure out how to make it easier to find me. I did not get much stitching done this week. I was on my day week. Usually I work from 10 at night until 6 in the morning. 3 days out of the pay period how ever I have to work from 5 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon! I tend to fall asleep early during this week. Also happy 4th of July! I had a fantastic day today. Our town goes all out with a parade and a very nice firework show. I spend the day with my lovely boyfriend and family (and managed to get some stitching done as well.)

The bookmark is coming along pretty well. Just have to finish the light grey, the bottom and the top and this will be ready to give to my boyfriend, who is also a big Dr. Who fan.

I was telling one of my coworkers to keep an eye out at garage sales for me to I can find more stitching things and another coworker told me that she has a whole basement filled with cross stitch supplies! She used to stitch a lot when she was younger, but has not stitched as much now. I am going to go to her house sometime in August and have a look! She did bring me two patterns the other day, one is a Precious Moments baby Ark and one is a flower picture (I'll take pics tomorrow, I left the patterns at work oops) I'm excited to stitch new things. I'm still waiting for my cut through pattern, hopefully that gets here this weekend.

Happy stitching to everyone!


  1. Happy 4th July and your visit to your colleague's basement sounds like it is going to be lots of fun!

  2. Oh Amanda, how exciting to find a basement of stitching stash! I like to find cross stitch stuff at thrift stores, too. One time I was at a store with a whole basket of kits for only 25 cents each but I only bought one. Silly me at the time didn't think of buying the kits just to use the fabric even if I didn't like the design. Duh!

  3. I see some major stash enhancement coming to your house soon. The bookmark is coming along and now you have a new follower. Thanks for following me.